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The church was organized February 1956 at 3521 Rio Linda Blvd. in Del Paso Heights, California. The organizing of the church started with eleven people. Four joined by letter: Ms. Betty Smith, Ms. Martha Smith, Ms. Rhemell White and Rev. Henderson White. Four joined by Christian Experience: Mr. Leonard Thomas, Mrs. Lucille Thomas, Mrs. Cindy Williams and Mrs. Dorothy Blackburn. Two came as Candidates for Baptism: Mrs. Sadie B. Mays and Ms. Rose Mays.  There was one visitor present: Mr. J. W. Lynne and Rev. A. P. Jones brought the message.


It was moved, seconded and carried that we would use the name Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church and that Rev. Mack Smith would be the pastor. In October 1956, we purchased the building at 920 Los Robles Blvd., Del Paso Heights, California, which is still our present location. The church incorporated on August 1, 1959. In May 1960 Rev. Henderson White was called to be the pastor to Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church. In 1966, plans were being made for a new edifice. We purchased a chapel from McClellan Air Force Base in view of moving it to 920 Los Robles Blvd.

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During 1976, Rev. Eugene J. Washington was made the Assistant Pastor of Mt. Olive Missionary Baptist Church. Pastor White served until March 1986. As Pastor of Mt. Olive, Rev. Eugene Washington preached his first official sermon on March 30, 1986. This was the beginning of a new era.